High Velocity Teaming™

  • Simulation-based team building training develops the behavior and deepens the understanding that yields High Performance

Organizational local collaborative capital recirculation model

  • Assist in development of systems to redirect capital into the local generative economy

Organizational waste recapitalization models

  • Assist in development of models to transform waste capital into local working capital.

Organizational self-reliance development initiatives

  • Facilitate organizational leadership to increase collaborative community self-reliance

Initiatives for local collaborative community capital investment

  • Initiatives for local collaborative community capital investment

Community Social Networks

  • Work with community builder Association to identify and develop community collaborative opportunities for the wellbeing of the community

Relocalization Initiatives

  • Develop initiatives to increase local recirculation of capital

Full Spectrum Capital™ Impact

  • Apply Full Spectrum Capital model to measure impact of organization on collaborative community wellbeing