Becoming collaborative community builders and entrepreneurs

  • Organizational wealth is not separate from the local community, in fact it is inextricably linked to the community in which it operates.
  • Train participants to conduct the affairs of their organization with active concerns for generating
    1. increased local recirculation of capital
    2. increased local self-reliance
    3. increased capacity of the community to generate wellbeing for its members.

Organizational design needed to thrive

  • Structural Form
  • Information Flow
  • Primary Capital Form
  • Wealth Production
  • Leadership Style
  • Manager’s Mission

Operating in reimagined organizational design

  • Transform wealth production networks into collaborative engines of wealth and resilience creation

Understand and engage stakeholders in collaborative local economy

  • Reimagine stakeholders
    1. Knowledge capital owners
    2. Social capital aggregators
    3. Human capital activators

Capital Usage

  • Amplifies wealth creation
  • Reinvests working capital into self-reliant community growth

Resource Usage

  • Amplifies resource performance
  • Continually reuses resources while improving their performance

Knowledge Capital

  • Highest return rate capital form
  • Expands with use (not wasting)
  • Enables more and more with less and less (generative)
  • Reduces the need for every other form of capital
  • Increases wealth by amplifying resource performance (generative)
  • Self-expanding with no upper limits, enabling continuous growth